Recruitment Process

For the personnel selection process in Forka Automotive, we are acting with the awareness of how it is important for our company, colleagues, canditates and most importantly  our customers.

Special attention is paid to the candidates from the announcement at every stage of the personnel selection process; Competency-based interview techniques are applied to candidates and the recruitment process is observed.


Our employees must have adopted the following core values:

How can we help you?

Would you like to receive information about our products and more?

Customer Oriented

To make the customer and his / her needs a focal point of every work; to construct and maintain productive customer relations by considering all processes related to the business from the customer’s point of view.

Building Trust

Engaging in qualified interaction with customers, other business and solution partners to ensure trust in employees and company organizations.

Learning Continuity

To be able to practice new acquired knowledge and skills efficiently by exploring new learning areas.

Result Oriented

Determined to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that may be faced in order to fully meet customer expectations and needs, taking into account the interests of the company.