Ford Connect Spare Parts

We are at your service as Forka Automotive to supply all the spare parts you may need, regardless…

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Ford Courier Spare Parts

With its wide loading capacity, high performance and advanced engine which does not compromise…

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Ford Transit Spare Parts

We are at your service as Forka Automotive in supplying all spare parts products of Ford Transit…

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FMY Ford Engine Oils

Approved and original FMY Ford Engine Oils to ensure maximum performance from your engine…

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Forka Automotive has been with you since 1986…

Forka Automotive

Forka Automotive was established in 1986 in Taksim, Istanbul, in order to provide service in the field of bodywork product supply.

Since its inception to this day in 81 provinces in Turkey and to all customers located abroad, Forka Automotive has been supplying them with Ford Otosan supply of spare parts and FMY product group, providing logistics support and consulting services; also keeps abreast of technological developments and continues to share its current product knowledge and experience directly with its customers.